Not all garage floors are alike

There are alot of floor coatings out there. 

Why should you install an epoxy or poly-aspartic floor coating? 

Durable & Wear-Resistant

 No more tire marks, scuff marks or grease spots! No chipping or peeling!  These floors are tough!  Lawn equipment, bikes, motorcycles are not going to leave a mark. It's also slip resistant for those rainy Florida afternoons! 

Easy to Clean

 A quick sweep with a broom or a blower and its tidy as a pin! If you have a mess to cleanup then simple ammonia and water will have it gleaming in no time!  Less grime in your garage means less grime tracked into your house! 

Quick Installation! 

Depending on the size and the condition of you garage we can usually complete it in one day.  If it is oversized, then perhaps two days.  You can drive on it immediately and get on with your life! 

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